Southampton Social Media Surgery

Saturday 2 July 2011

2:00PM - 4:00PM 11 people signed up

Shooting Star Pub

40-42 Bevois Valley Road Bevois Valley Southampton,

SO14 0JR venue details and map
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We've planned our first surgery.

So if want to find out more either to give or get help then head down to the Shooting Star Pub, 40-42, Bevois Valley Road, Southampton, SO14 0JR Saturday 2 July from 2pm. We'll be there for a couple of hours.

Bring your laptop - the pub has wifi.

People signed up to attend on Sat 2 Jul

  • Jaki Booth Offering help
    Organisation University of Southampton Students' Union     Website     Twitter @parboo
  • Aris Tsontzos Offering help
    Twitter @arissays
  • Benjamin D Brooks Offering help
    Twitter @BenjaminDBrooks
  • Jamie Chadd Offering help
    Organisation University of Southampton     Website     Twitter @JMChadd
  • Chris Dodd Offering help
    Organisation NA    
  • Jon
    Organisation ROCC    
  • Liz McWilliams Offering help
    Organisation SUHT (Southampton University Hospitals NHS Trust)    
  • Helena
    Organisation Solent Uni    
  • Joseph McLoughlin Offering help
    Organisation SUSU    
  • Stephen Brown
  • janiasb
    Organisation Acacia Home Care     Website    

Help given at Southampton Social Media Surgery

  • Liz McWilliams helped Stephen Brown to introduction to twitter Recorded on Saturday 2 July 2011
  • Benjamin D Brooks helped Stephen Brown to understand wordpress and other blogging platforms Recorded on Saturday 2 July 2011
  • Benjamin D Brooks helped Helena to to manoeuver her way around twitter: @ replies, # lists, Recorded on Saturday 2 July 2011

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