Northfield Social Media Surgery

Wednesday 26 March 2014

12:30PM - 2:00PM 12 people signed up

The Factory Young People's Centre

5 Devon Way Longbridge, Birmingham

B31 2TS venue details and map
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Volunteers and local partners are offering social media help to voluntary organisations, community groups, charities, clubs and societies in a relaxed, informal setting.

No boring speeches, no jargon.

Tools like blogs, podcasts, video and social networks can give a real boost to campaigning organisations, often for no or little cost. So these experts are offering you approachable one-to-one help and support because they believe it can help. You might just want to see what is possible and go away and think about it. You might be itching to set up a blog and start using it. Perhaps you think video might help you tell your story but don't know where to start? All is possible.

There'll be no lectures, just people with knowledge, ideas and a passion to help you make best use of the internet for your group or organisation.

If you're coming along to offer some help don't forget your laptop!

Help given at Northfield Social Media Surgery

  • David Harte helped Deborah Ann Ruston to change the wordpress theme so our neighbourhood blogg looks easier to raed. To understand the difference between pages and posts - and to stop using bloch capotals for headings - so now I'm not shouting at the internet. Recorded on Wednesday 26 March 2014
  • Steph Clarke helped Ron Lees to set up a twitter account and recover my password. Install the twitter app on my iPad and set up cloud wifi on my ipad too Recorded on Wednesday 26 March 2014
  • Nick Booth helped Andy Ryan to have the confidence to be more daring with how I use twitter. I'm sometimes more cautious than I need to be - now I'll be a bit more adventurous. Recorded on Wednesday 26 March 2014
  • Andy Ryan helped Lena McGahey to give me an introduction to twitter and how to rest the password - to make the account accesible. So we can promote events at the animal sanctuary and encourage more people to support us. Recorded on Wednesday 26 March 2014
  • Andy Ryan helped Joanna Dervisoglu to to refresh how to use twitter and adding lists on twitter - using link shortneres. It will make it easier to keep my tweets short and save me time. Recorded on Wednesday 26 March 2014
  • Steph Clarke helped Anne GuIse to find my existing twitter account - and shown how to use and understand twitter. It will help me to talk to people, know what's going on, Stay in the loop and catch up with the 21st century. Recorded on Wednesday 26 March 2014
  • Steph Clarke helped Carl Manning to shown how to use and understand twitter. It will help me to talk to people, know what's going on, Stay in the loop and catch up with the 21st century . Recorded on Wednesday 26 March 2014
  • Steph Clarke helped Jo Burrows to look at facebook pages - how to add and share content and to add extra admins. You've helped me feel more secure using facebook between my personal facebook and the page when we looked at security, I understand what tagging photos mean now. Recorded on Monday 17 March 2014
  • Andy Mabbett helped Deborah Ann Ruston to Helped me to understand how to use my wordpress site for Longbridge Neighbourhood forum. It was configured on some unusual ways . Recorded on Tuesday 11 March 2014
  • David Harte helped James Kearns to understand facebook and twiitter to get more people involved with the park and how they differ - found it very useful because I'm not a personal social media user so I've got a lot to learn. Recorded on Tuesday 11 March 2014
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