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These are informal gatherings where members of voluntary and community groups, active citizens and residents can learn how they can use the web and social media to help their organisations to work and communicate.

Feel free to drop by at any time that you can and we'll try to pair you up with one of our Social Media Surgeons - who are all ordinary people with knowledge and experience of using social media in a variety of ways.

These social media surgeries are funded through the Active Citizens Fund.

Help given at Soho Social Media Surgery

  • Jo Burrill helped Rakesh Soni to appreciate quite how good he is at social media Recorded on Wednesday 12 July 2017
  • Nick Booth helped Rakesh Soni to to appreciate what he was doing with telling storties on the Soho Bid facebook page and how close he is to work like the Humans od New York Recorded on Wednesday 12 July 2017
  • Nick Booth helped Shabraz to configure Google Calendar and troubleshoot issues with syncing appointments Recorded on Wednesday 12 July 2017
  • Rakesh Soni helped Jeevan deu to understand using Facebook to spread positive news and original content to reach more users. Also looked at Facebook analytics. Recorded on Wednesday 12 July 2017
  • Birgit Kehrer helped Adella Pritchard to access and save documents sent to her via Whatsapp and how to save documents on a cloud such as Google Drive Recorded on Wednesday 12 July 2017
  • Andy Mabbett helped John O'Meara to to set up analytics for his wordpress site... "We've been running our WordPress website inside Handsworth for 5 years now and both of the main staff are naive about electronic media. We have never in all those 5 years had a means to find out how many people were visiting the site, and what they were looking for. Starting today, Andy has been shown me how to install whats called a plug-in to give us the stats on how many visits, what kind of things people looking at what things they search for, so it will be really really interesting! In fact, its something we should have done long ago, but today is the day!" Recorded on Wednesday 12 July 2017
  • Andy Mabbett helped Gaelle Finley to "I had a specific problem with the dealing with PDF documents and including them in WordPress. I needed somebody to give me some information, which I want to put into the online magazine and I just don't know how to use or how to do. Andy was very patient and showed me several ways of doing it and as well as that I gave me some other tips which I'm going to find very useful in my in my journalist life" Recorded on Saturday 24 June 2017
  • Andy Mabbett helped John O'Meara to "The biggest immediate help I've had from Andy was first with a formatting problem I had within WordPress. I just could not get paragraph to translate appropriate to the top of page. Andy has shown me what sort of mashing up the text is happening and has given me a way of actually getting rid of problems so I can do I can get my cell phone so it's been absolutely brilliant 'casue I spend hours and hours trying to sort this and getting nowhere. So I think he's giving me the solution to that. I also picked up quite a few interesting things from what he was doing with Gail; just small details about controls on the keyboard and things that they do. Again, its going to be immediately useful to me, you know, so I've had a kind of double benefit." Recorded on Saturday 24 June 2017
  • Nick Booth helped jeevn jeevn to " I can see that for my personal good in promoting a charitable cause, which in itself is a good thing, so I can be further support it by using social media to further that good cause" Recorded on Thursday 18 May 2017
  • Nick Booth helped Kate Gordon to "When I came in with two issues - one was to try and see if I could change the cover page on one of the Facebook pages that I set up for another organisation and that I have sorted, Ive found out that basically I can't what I wanted to do, you know um, it's not worth doing really. The other is to create a canvas which is a combination of photo and video in Facebook and I'm just trying to work out whether I managed to do it properly or not before." Recorded on Thursday 18 May 2017
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