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Next date Monday 9 March 2015
5:30PM - 7:00PM 8 people signed up

BBC Birmingham - The Mailbox

The Mailbox Birmingham

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Volunteers are offering social media help to voluntary organisations, community groups, charities, clubs and societies in a relaxed, informal setting.

No boring speeches, no jargon.

This surgery can also offer help with using data or government open data to gather evidence or make a case. Besides that we can offer advice and practical help to blog, use video or social networks like Twitter and Facebook to give a real boost to campaigning organisations, often for no or little cost.

So these experts are offering you approachable one-to-one help and support because they believe it can help. You might just want to see what is possible and go away and think about it. You might be itching to set up a blog and start using it. Perhaps you think video might help you tell your story but don't know where to start? All is possible.

There'll be no lectures, just people with knowledge, ideas and a passion to help you make best use of the internet for your group or organisation.

You're welcome along to receive help, or volunteer to give it but if you're coming along to offer some help don't forget your laptop!

People signed up to attend on Mon 9 Mar

Help given at Central Birmingham Social Media Surgery

  • Lorna Prescott helped Helen Scadeng to Find my way around wordpress and get the most out of it to suit my blogging needs. Recorded on Tuesday 17 February 2015
  • Nick Booth helped Ruth Lockley to help to think about wordpress pages, categories and tags and discuss vidoe hosting for out history website and also how we could use facebook to get more people to see the stories. Recorded on Tuesday 17 February 2015
  • Laura Creaven helped Steph Clarke to It was really Sue Laura helped. We talked about getting the best out of Facebook and how to use fb pages - and breifly looked at using LinkedIn Recorded on Tuesday 17 February 2015
  • Steph Clarke helped Maria Hughes to Help with advice on social media campaigning. Working on increasing awareness of Maria's project - Services for Older LGBT People- through Facebook, Twitter and website. Soon to be creating Facebook page and starting to write a blog. Steph gave advise on current social media platforms Maria is using and gave tips on using it more effectively. Recorded on Tuesday 17 February 2015
  • Liz Dexter helped Ruth Lockley to Wordpress - customising theme and working the menu options. Recorded on Monday 26 January 2015
  • Tom French helped Ruth Lockley to Tom showed Ruth how to add pages on to a Menu on Wordpress blog and changing themes. Ways of displaying sub-menus and menus. Recorded on Monday 26 January 2015
  • Christopher Woods helped Steve O'Neill to Chris gave Steve a simplified coding tutorial - describing various coding terminologies and functions. How to embed a Youtube video, how to change the layout of a page etc. Recorded on Monday 26 January 2015
  • Steph Clarke helped Paulette Burkill to add a bit more to my knowledge of how to manage our Facebook page by adding one of our committee as an editor of the page. Many thanks for this useful help. Recorded on Monday 26 January 2015
  • Steph Clarke helped lorraine Kenny to I had a basic intro to using twitter and tweet deck and a reminder about Facebook Recorded on Tuesday 13 January 2015
  • Andy Mabbett helped Simon Baddeley to Learning how to use Twitter more effectively and link it to Facebook for the organisation. Learned the different features on Twitter - posting photos and filtering tools, notification feeds etc. Replying rather than mentioning people also shorthand terms for Twitter e.g: RT (tweet-etiquette) Recorded on Tuesday 13 January 2015
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