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Are you interested in using blogs, text messages, Facebook, Twitter and other free online platforms that make up “social media” to help a group or organisation that you belong to?

Do you already have a web site for your organisation that is difficult or expensive to update? Are you looking for an easier way to promote your activities or to share information, photos and videos online.

Harrogate Social Media Surgery is a free advice session for community and voluntary groups, clubs, societies and small arts organisations. Come along to find out how you can use free web sites and services to organise activities, promote events, raise funds, collect feedback from your participants and keep a record of everything you do.

We don't offer timed appointments, you can turn up any time between 6 and 7pm, so be prepared to wait if we are particularly busy. We do offer free tea, coffee and cakes and often find people waiting to be seen start sharing ideas for social media use amongst themselves as well!

Finally, if you book a place, please turn up. Others may have been turned away for your place, and all our "surgeons" are volunteers giving up their own time to help you, so it is only fair to keep your appointment.

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