Llandaff Social Media Surgery  

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Llandaff social media surgeries are informal sessions free for voluntary groups and charity organisations to learn a little bit about the web and what it can do from one-to-one advice friendly local bloggers. (Cardiff social media surgeries do this, too. We're just bringing the advice a little closer to the people around Llandaff.)

Volunteers with some social media savvy volunteer (these are the "surgeons") to show people eager to learn (these are the "patients") some web tools that may increase online presence and help a campaign or project.

Maybe you need help reaching new people. Or people aren't hearing about what your group does. Tools such as blogging, social networking, video, pictures and podcasts can be really useful and are often very easy to use once you know how.

The first surgery will be organised by Joni Ayn Alexander, a Llandaff resident and Llandaff News blogger. If you want to lend a hand -- big or little -- get in touch with her @joniayn or joni@joniayn.com.

At the moment, she's working hard to find an accessible location drenched in wifi and an appropriate date. Check back soon to find out when and where the first Llandaff social media surgery will debut in the "city within a city".

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