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Further to demand from many of our 'members' and local groups and organisations, we're holding our first Social Media Surgery on Tuesday 3rd July at 7pm at Cambridge Online.

A Social Media Surgery is an informal gathering at which volunteer "surgeons" with expertise in social media, offer free advice to individuals, representatives of non-profit organisations, charities, community groups and activists.

Cambridge based charities and community groups will have the opportunity to sit with to someone who understands good ways to use the internet, someone who will listen to what you do, and then show you free, useful tools which can help you to learn more about how to use the web to communicate your message, to run a campaign or to collaborate with other individuals and organisations. If you like what you see they can also help you set up your blog, Facebook page or Twitter account.

Surgeries are relaxed and informal. No presentations, no jargon and importantly with nobody telling people what they think they should know. The work on a drop in, first come first served basis ... and you can always have a cup of tea and a chat while you wait if all the 'surgeons' are with other people! You can find out more about the history of Social Media.

Find out more about Net2Camb we are a free, informal network of people who believe in using technology for good, we host talks and informal interactive workshops once a month.


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